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Why a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit is Crucial

First Aid KitsThe law is very clear on the provision of first aid in the workplace and a well-stocked first aid kit is the starting point for even the smallest business concern. As well as a basic kit, it is important to identify any specific first aid needs that your particular business may require – eye wash bottles for example would not necessarily be needed everywhere, but if your staff are expected to come into contact with corrosive liquids or dry materials or if they handle anything that could cause irritation in the eye, a wash bottle must be included, kept full of an appropriate liquid and checked, including replenishment, at a pre-arranged interval. Continue reading


workwear clothingDressing for the occasion takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to workwear clothing. A large percentage of the UK workforce is now required to wear some form of regulated clothing and this is for good reason. As well as offering a means of protection whilst on the job, workwear clothing offers an identity and saves money as far as wear and tear to your own clothes are concerned. This article looks a little closer at the reasons why workwear clothing has become an everyday occurrence in the UK workplace and discusses the various benefits they have to offer individuals and groups alike. Continue reading