The Benefits of Branded Workwear

branded-workwearBranded workwear has many benefits, such as promoting your business to giving a professional feel, as well as ultimately keeping your employees safe. Here are our top 10 benefits for investing in branded workwear.

    1. Your staff will look more professional, which means that when they are meeting clients, they’ll be sending out the message that you take pride in your work.
    2. As long as you’ve met all the regulations and standards for your industry, your employees will be safer when doing their job. This is good news for the company, for both ethical and legal reasons.
    3. Your employees will feel smart, which is likely to have a good effect on their work output. It’s been proven that by dressing smarter, employees work harder.
    4. If your employees spend most of their working hours outdoors, workwear clothing will help keep them warm and dry; ensuring that you have a healthier, happier workforce.

  1. When you have outdoor workers, you must also be aware of the dangers facing them, particularly those that are roadside. High visibility clothing will help ensure your employees feel safer and more confident to do their work.
  2. One of the most popular gripes employees have is over how hot or cold it is, when working both indoors and outdoors. By providing a range of clothing options such as T-shirts, polo shirts, safety boots, jumpers and hoodies, your employees can be comfortable and adequately heated.
  3. Quality workwear offers its own range of advantages, including saving you money in the long-term. For instance, staff that have manual jobs tend to find their clothes wear quickly over time. Better quality workwear will last them much longer.
  4. If you employ staff that are on the road a lot, this gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your business through their workwear. Therefore by having your contact information embroidered or printed on the clothing, your employees literally become walking advertisements for your company.
  5. You should consult your employees before ordering new workwear, when possible, as they may help you with the specifications and get clothing that can help them in their job and makes them feel more involved in the business. For instance, extra or deeper pockets on work trousers could save them making repeat journeys back to the van.
  6. Choosing workwear that’s fully branded, is of good quality and in keeping with the corporate colours, it could help to give the impression of a much larger organisation. This may help to attract bigger clients, leading to growth for the company.