workwear clothingDressing for the occasion takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to workwear clothing. A large percentage of the UK workforce is now required to wear some form of regulated clothing and this is for good reason. As well as offering a means of protection whilst on the job, workwear clothing offers an identity and saves money as far as wear and tear to your own clothes are concerned. This article looks a little closer at the reasons why workwear clothing has become an everyday occurrence in the UK workplace and discusses the various benefits they have to offer individuals and groups alike.

Safety matters

Nowadays the issues of health and safety are more in the public eye than ever before, and that can only be a good thing. Cast your minds back to a time wear manual workers had to make do with squabbling over the last pair of work gloves, or a warehouse without a single safety sign erected. Those dark days are well and truly behind us and a new age of protective safety gear has well and truly arrived. Wearing steel toe capped safety boots offers both protection and comfort on the building yard, but they are always invaluable when working in a busy warehouse full of heavy goods. Even industrial kitchens and high class restaurants share more than food as a common bond today. Hygiene standards dictate that food workers must always wear suitable gloves and head gear, because these are all part of workwear covering as are the disposable facemasks worn in many food preparation setups. Can you imagine having to work from height without wearing a proven safety helmet or a safety harness installed? So workwear has finally come of age and employees across all industry sectors must be happy that this has happened.

Durable and comfortable

The sheer expense of having to wear your own personal clothes to your workplace is another consideration that needs to be explored here. Because a manual job can really cause some serious punishment to your footwear, trousers, and outerwear. Thank goodness that workwear takes away that pain and allows the UK workforce to give 100% on the job without having to face added expenses along the way. Of course, workwear is not all the same and you would be best advised to pick a brand that not only was comfortable to wear, but also lasts the distance. This is even more vital when you are working in extreme conditions. Your safety boots need to be able to take a knock and dealing with uncomfortable footwear whilst in a demanding job is the last thing that any conscientious worker needs.

Brands that you can count on

Although workwear will never be in the same arena as high street fashion, you may be surprised to learn that branded workwear matters just as much in this particular clothing arena. Dickies are also a popular choice for casual wear and they have certainly made their mark in the UK workwear top ten. Footsure, Ansell, 3M, Warrior, and E-A-R can all be trusted to provide comfort and safety all day and all night long of required. You see, quality brands get their reputation from those of us who actually pay more than lip service to the make. What better testimonial can a clothing manufacturer hope for than thousands of loyal workers donning their products day in and day out? Flashy commercials may do it for designer gear, but workwear brands prefer to see the proof in action.

Team identity

Another reason for well-known companies to choose workwear uniform for their employees is the identity factor. What better advertisement for your own company brand than to have a squad of well behaved, hard-working employees all flying those particular colours in unison? Most established workwear manufacturers will be delighted to add your own badge of honour to the required shirt, jackets, or overalls, and you’d pay far more for a bunch of actors to follow suit in a 30 second TV commercial.

Convinced yet?

The next time that you are  thinking about making the switch to a reliable workwear supplier, have a think about these reasons and you’ll soon be choosing your own unique set of uniforms that will do your company brand proud.