The Importance of Safety Boots on Construction Sites

Dickies safety bootsConstruction sites are not forgiving places and the many potential hazards mean that it is imperative for workers to wear appropriate safety gear. The responsibility is firmly on both companies and workers alike to ensure that everyone is wearing the right clothing for the job. All too often workers can be seen with reflective jackets and protective helmets but a glance down to the feet betrays a lack of one of the most important accessories – safety boots. Feet are simply too often neglected and on a construction site are in serious jeopardy of being injured. Whether the threat comes from heavy objects falling to the ground, careless use of vehicles and equipment or sharp nails and other sharp items, normal, everyday boots are simply not up to the job of ensuring the safety of construction site workers.

What types of injuries can result from not wearing safety boots on a construction site? Well, the list is pretty much endless, but here are some key examples:

  • Puncture wounds caused by nails, scrap metal, glass and even staples.
  • Crushing injuries including broken bones and toe loss.
  • Electric shocks.
  • Fractures and sprains as a result of trips and falls. Adequate padding around the ankle area can prevent this.
  • Chemical or hot metal related burns.

In the unfortunate incident of a mishap, the correct safety boots are often the difference between a nasty shock and a life-altering injury. There are safety boots that provide protection from electrical hazards and chemical spills, so it pays to research which safety boots suit each workplace on a case by case basis.

Boots with steel toe caps are the first kind of safety footwear that come to mind and this feature remains vital when it comes to protecting the top of the feet, but safety boots are also fitted with impact protection, from impact absorbing soles and ankle collars fitted to some styles to offer additional support. Anti-slip soles are also often crucial in ensuring the safest footwear possible.

Dickies Footwear is an exceptional option and one of the most popular examples being the stylish Dickies Fury Super Safety Hiker, which comes with some great features including:

  • Steel toe-cap.
  • Steel midsole for underfoot protection.
  • Padded collar & tongue.
  • Antistatic plus shock absorbent heel.
  • Dual density polyurethane sole.
  • Sole slip resistant to SRA standard.

They are available as the saying goes, in any colour as long as it is black!

Another highly reputable company that produces a wide range of safety equipment is Warrior and Warrior shoes and boots comply with rigorous standards, being designed & built for optimal foot protection. The boots and shoes are manufactured from the best leathers and metallic toes and mid-plates. They are designed to protect the feet from oil, acid, heat, skidding, perforation and toe crushing.

A third port of call to ensure the best bases are covered might be V12. V12 Safety footwear is a Bristol-based company that produces safety boots of the highest order. Their incredibly well-organised website sees the homepage offering the following headings to ensure that you are directed to a choice of footwear that fulfils the safety criteria of your particular workplace.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Rail

They really have left no stone unturned and their diligence inspires confidence. There are so many options on the market when it comes to impressive and well-manufactured safety boots that there is little excuse not to practice exemplary foot safety on construction sites.